Saturday, 26 January 2013

Hour of Power 01/26/13 (playlist)

Highlights from the week of 01/20/13 - 01/26/13

This week's Hour of Power continues the precedent that has been established recently with a quartet of new and official video clips.  Aleph Null returned this week after a year's absence to unleash their second heavy helping and released their video for "Belladonna Wreath".  Mothership's "City Nights" was premiered on The Soda Shop.  While The Black Angels and Blacktones also premiered new music videos this week.  From Boston, Black Pyramid also shared a new song from their upcoming album on Soundcloud which was uploaded by Doom Lord while Ice Dragon very quietly expanded their "The Soul's Midnight" single into a 4 song EP and the Doom Lord returned as his alter ego 666MrDoom to upload the new track "Winterwind" with lyrics.  The Hour of Power cruises into overdrive with a trio of highlights from the mere three reviews featured on the blog this week while the hour comes to a stunning conclusion with Black Widow.  I was shocked and saddened this week when news came out about Clive Jones of Black Widow being very ill.  This just days after mentioning the band in a post here on the blog (a free CD to the first person to comment on the bottom of this page with the correct corresponding post).  I posted a video of "Come To The Sabbat" on my facebook wall then promptly messaged him to let him know I cared and that my thoughts were with him.  He replied with the suggestion that I check out the song that closes out this playlist, "Hail Satan" from Black Widow's most recent album 'Sleeping With Demons', featuring Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath).  Enjoy ...

  1. Belladonna Wreath (Aleph Null / Belladonna EP) 2013
  2. City Nights (Mothership / ST) 2012
  3. Don't Play With Guns (The Black Angels / Indigo Meadow) 2013
  4. Our God (The Blacktones / Distorted Reality EP) 2012
  5. Onyx And Obsidian (Black Pyramid / Adversarial) 2013
  6. Winterwind (Ice Dragon / The Soul's Midnight EP) 2013
  7. Matterhorn (Egypt / Become The Sun) 2012
  8. Deja Vu (The Gentlemen Bastards / ST) 2012
  9. Out of Focus (Blue Cheer / Vincebus Eruptum) 1968
  10. Hail Satan (Black Widow / Sleeping With Demons) 2011

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