Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hour of Power 01/19/13 (playlist)

Highlights from the week of 01/13/13 - 01/19/13

A ton of great bands have been putting out promo videos of late, Hour of 13, Destroyer of Light and Balam spring instantly to mind.  This week Venomous Maximus and Spider Kitten kick things off with their brand new vids.  After that, another recently released video by Space Mushroom Fuzz makes its triumphant Hour of Power appearance.  Then, you will find videos from each of the albums that were reviewed this week and a pair of songs that were long overdue for the youtube treatment from Mount Fuji and Owl (many thanks to MrStonerBeliever and Doom Lord respectively).  And finally we come to a new age drone piece that was recorded and uploaded by none other than Chad Davis just days ago that I feel makes for a good outro.  Thanks for watching ...

  1. Path of Doom (Venomous Maximus / Beg Upon The Light) 2012
  2. Twin Obscenities (Spider Kitten / Cougar Club) 2013
  3. Trapped In The Past (Space Mushroom Fuzz / single) 2012
  4. Kali Maa (Veracrash / My Brother The Godhead) 2012
  5. Deserted Planet 2078 (Deep Space Destructors / II) 2012
  6. Seed (SautruS / Kuelmaggah Mysticism: The Prologue) 2012
  7. Head on Fire (Mount Fuji / ST) 2012
  8. Medicine Mirror (Owl / First Album) 2012
  9. Space (Glitter Wizard / Hunting Gatherers) 2012
  10. Molecular Particles (Romannis Mötte) 2013

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