Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Doom Charts for 01/23/13

Top 25 Songs
#). Song Title (artist/album)
  1. Beyond the Stars (Palace in Thunderland / Stars, Dreams, Seas)
  2. Horrible Nights [unmastered excerpt] (Moss / Moss' Horrible Night)
  3. Hollow (Alice in Chains / single)
  4. We Want The Night (Slow Heart / Dead Friends & Angry Lovers)
  5. Queen of the Night (Cpt. Kronos / The Invocation)
  6. Symptoms [of the Human Race] (Motherslug / ST)
  7. Spirits of Fire (Year of the Goat / Angels' Necropolis)
  8. Taste of Hate (The Quartet of Woah! / Ultrabomb)
  9. Twin Obscenities (Spider Kitten / Cougar Club)
  10. Cool To Hate (Mother Gun / Human EP)
  11. All Too Human (Enos / All Too Human)
  12. David Lund (Arkham Witch / Legions of the Deep)
  13. Possessed (Mara / Demo)
  14. Cosmonautical Mile (Harvester / The Blind Summit Recordings)*
  15. Space (Glitter Wizard / Hunting Gatherers)
  16. Against the Storm (The Shooters / Planet of the Black Sun)*
  17. Bad Things (Sticky Digit / ST)
  18. Wretches (Bottlecap / ST)
  19. Drive (Cube / ST)
  20. Evil Hearted (Dryasdust / ST Demo)*
  21. War Weather Worshipper (Black Overdrive / ST)
  22. It Comes From The Mist (Wheelfall / Interzone)*
  23. A Better Way (Manlord / ST)
  24. Secular Haze (Ghost / Infestissumam)
  25. Navigating on the Seas of Dementia (A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm / split CD w/Wheelfall)*
* New Song

Outgoing songs:
"Better the Devil You Know Than the Devil You Don't Know" by At Devil Dirt
"Caminando En La Luna" by Demonauta
"Towards the Haze" by Molior Superum
"Non-State Actor" by Soundgarden
"Milk" by White Bone Rattle

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