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Molior Superum - Into The Sun (album review)

Molior Superum is a 70s inspired hard rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden.  There's a ton of boogie in these boys' playbook and they love to build jumpy riffs around high energy grooves.

What I love about this band is that they're not afraid to sing in their native language with three sung in Svensk, four in English (one is an instrumental).  That takes confidence and an absolute lack of self-consciousness.  Or maybe it takes lack of confidence in their English skills, but either way they let it all hang out from opening feedback to closing fade.

Opening track "Decibel Grand" sets the tone for everything to follow.  High energy good times lyrics sung over a rich, funky groove.  Once the standard has been set and the group's identity established, there's not much (if anything) you'll find disappointing on this album.

The next three tracks keep the mood and pace going and are all good songs.  "Sad Mans Boogieland" is an uptempo rocker with a jumpy beat and a funky riff.  "Moralsoffan" is the first sung in Swedish and is darker in tone but not less rockin'.  "Syngg och Stark" carries on much in the same vein, good riffs, solid drums and good solo workouts toward the ends of both songs.

"Towards the Haze" is the most stonerish riff you'll hear on this album.  There's more of a contemporary feel to this one, violating the spirit, however slightly, of the rest of the album.  It's no less a corker for it, and sticks out in a good way.  Still, it's like pretty much everything else on the first three quarters of the album in that it's an uptempo shit-kicker guaranteed to get your ass moving.  "Plainrider" is as good a follow-up as you can ask for, changing tone and tempo only to build back up and showcasing some catchy lyrics "Up and down and down and up".  It also maintains that contemporary feel and features a good instrumental freak out towards the end.

"Blå Fålens Vals" is a different kind of tune altogether, a plaintive, if not downright mournful, slow burning instrumental that begins with a florid guitar arrangement and introduces some organ into the mix.  Though it's a downtempo tune there's still plenty of crash and bang for your buck, as the band does not stray too far from their energetic instincts.

But "Blå Fålens Vals" also serves as a bridge to closer "Bortom Solens Sfär" which is the most downtempo cut on the album, making a bridging track necessary as this one would really stick out among the rest.  It sounds like it was written and recorded hastily just for that purpose.

I don't know what to tell you, Sweden is 'suffering' from an embarrassment of riches and you can add 'Into the Sun' near the top of the treasure heap.

Highlights include: "Decibel Grand" and "Towards the Haze"

Rating: 4/5

Total Run Time: 41:08

From: Gothenburg, Sweden

Genre: Retro Rock, Stoner, Hard Rock

Reminds me of: Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Captain Crimson, Heat, Kadavar, Pearl Jam

Release Date: November 3, 2012

Suggested listening activity for fellow non-stoners: Roadtrip detour down the country lane in your turtle van, don't pick up that dirty hippie.  I'm telling you, you better not do it.  He may look harmless on the surface, but ...

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