Monday, 12 November 2012

Thank You (for the milestone)

1000 pageviews in less than a month.  This comes as a huge surprise as I was expecting nobody to notice what I was doing in this dark little corner of the internet.

This time a month ago I'd never written an album review before.  The first post here "Witchcraft - Legend" was the first album review I'd ever done, and it shows.  Big time.  But over the course of the month my skills and confidence have developed with the help and support of the bands who have (amazingly!) taken the time to read my reviews of their albums and thought enough of them to re-post them on their facebook pages or leave comments here.

The views started trickling in slowly and have grown exponentially and with luck, the reviews posted here will help encourage newcomers to these bands to buy the albums and support true rock and the guys and gals who make it.  That is my goal.

Huge Thank You to Dirty Mike Alcala of Goat Bong, John Fadden and the guys from Ichabod, Bison Bison, Venomous Maximus, Captain Crimson, The Graviators, Seremonia, Mangoo and Mos Generator.  It's like a who's who of the best bands out there, you guys rock \m/

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