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Temptations Wings - Legends of the Tusk (album review)

Temptations Wings originally got the nod here at Paranoid Hitsophrenic because of the band name.  Anybody who shows enough respect to a classic song to name their band after it as an homage displays good taste.  The logic goes: if you're going to name your band after a song, it might as well be a great one, and if a band is named after a great song they at least deserve a listen.  What you get here is southern rock with a pitted and dull bladed edge of viking toughness.  If there were ever such a group of men to be known as Southern Vikings, then Temptations Wings are them.

Viking Metal, as it is known, is one of those subgenres that doesn't really fit.  It's really just Death Metal with apparent viking themed lyrics.  Honestly, I don't even know why Death Metal bands bother with lyrics at all, seeing as how they are unintelligible.  Some of those death metal lyrics are really articulate as well if you read them.  It's a shame.  But if there were a band worthy of the label, this is it.  Clearly heard lyrical themes combined with the blood, thunder and brute strength of berserker warriors get the message across.  This is what true Viking Metal is and should be.  The band is from North Carolina and adds the spice Corrosion of Conformity style southern riffery to the stew as well, making for one thick and tasty 18 minute pot.

Opening track "Crush the Weak" does just that.  It has groove in bloody spades and thumping rubber band rhythms that bounce right into the center of the brain.  A raiding party of beer can crushing good times.  But it's not until "... And Death Rides With Us" that the band puts their hulking menace on display with a slicing, dicing C.O.C. type riff and call and response chorus.  Shredding leads and heavy groove complete the task, earning the band old school metal stripes to adorn their southern rock overcoat, looks good don't it?  Sounds good too.

The EP closes with a final rocking track after a short instrumental precursor.  "Frozen Wastes of Death" captures the mood of its title weaving a windswept passage into southern chugger "The Last Titan".  Lyrically, the song carries with it themes from the title and soundscape of its intro.

Temptations Wings play it cool here by not offering up a free download but charging a dirt cheap price on the CD version, the same low price of the digital download as a matter of fact, so you might as well pick up the CD.  I like it when bands do this and I think it's a smart idea.  I grabbed mine a short while ago.  It sits here on my desk right next to the empty mug, empty box of donuts, the nail clippers and the severed heads.

UPDATE:  It's come to my attention that I am obligated to inform the reader that I do not have severed heads on my desk.  Or anywhere else for that matter.  Furthermore, Temptations Wings' music did not inspire me to take them and glory on the frozen wastes of an icy battleground.  That is all.

Highlights include: "...and Death Rides With Us" and "Crush the Weak"

Rating: 4/5

Total Run Time: 18:28

Micah-Guitars and Vocals
Wilford -Bass

From: Asheville, North Carolina

Genre: Stoner Metal, Southern, Hard Rock

Reminds me of: Arkham Witch, Crag Dweller, Down, Nightosaur, Thorr-Axe

Release Date: March 3, 2013

Suggested listening activity for fellow non-stoners: taking heads and glory on the frozen wastes of an icy battleground.

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