Monday, 3 March 2014

NAGA to release debut album March 30

Great news came down to me this morning.  Remember when Naga released this promising E.P. / demo last year? [Read the review here]  Here they come with their debut full-length ...

"Recorded and mixed in Fall 2013 by Maddalena Bellini in Naples and mastered by James Plotkin in Philadelphia, Hēn is NAGA’s debut album: 5 tracks of doom and post-core, a black monolith which recalls Black Metal atmospheres –will be released in Vinyl by the dutch label Lay Bare Recordings (distributed by Burning World Records) and on CD bythe italian labels Fallodischi, Shove Records and La fine in March 30th 2014. The sound evoked by Emanuele Schember (bass), Lorenzo De Stefano (vocals and guitars) and Dario Graziano (drums), is a morbid, pachydermic, low-tuned mid-tempo. Hēn is the word used by the ancient Greeks to indicate the One, the divine principle embracing the whole reality, it’s the highest idea, it’s what the Becoming implies, it’s where everything originates and everything returns."

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